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This event was held on 2020.02.21 (Fri).

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FLASH!!! feat.”ΣWAY”
02.21 (Fri) | WOMB, TOKYO, JAPAN

FLASH!!! feat.”ΣWAY”

  • date_range 02.21 (Fri) 23:00 to 04:30
  • labelYasutaka NakataFumihiko Chiba2BOYYASUKIISPAMAREAMtaroskeithKitotoなぎLimo滝紘平JerichoSE-TA329BOB (KODA AIRI)TETSUWO (Three Kings )

One of Japan's most influential pop producers Yasutaka Nakata, his resident party FLASH!!! is now set to be regular event at WOMB!
FLASH!!! is well known as the one and only long-running weekend regular party where you can hear musician and producer Yasutaka Nakata play.

SE-TA, who is baed in Nagoya and also plays at WOMB constantly, will host "ΣWAY (sway)”, the party he's hosted in Nagoya’s club JB’S, for the first time in Tokyo at WOMB! There are also BASS MUSIC, HARD CORE, HOUSE, TECHNO, J-POP and anime song DJs, so you'll definitely be able to music from many different perspectives. We want you to feel in your body the party vibes Nagoya is so proud of. From a unique lineup filled with Nakata Yasutaka and diverse dance music, we want you to feel the diversity of dance music with your whole body.

  • Yasutaka Nakata
  • Fumihiko Chiba
  • 2BOY
  • ISPA
  • taros
  • keith
  • Kitoto
  • なぎ
  • Limo
  • 滝紘平
  • Jericho
  • SE-TA
  • 329
  • TETSUWO (Three Kings )
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