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COT 5th Anniversary feat. FREEDOM FIGHTERS

The key to world peace is partying.

  • 07.13 (Sat) 22:30 to 04:30
  • Psychedelic Trance, Progressive, Techno
  • FREEDOM FIGHTERS HATTAIRYConures ( aka DJ Tokunaga)AJTsutraxVJ Akiko
The key to world peace is partying.

Transcending all boundaries from age to nationality and beyond, the Church of Trance is THE gathering point for party enthusiasts from all walks of life. This July marks our fifth birthday, and for this most special of occasions we proudly welcome the undisputed champion of heavyweight labels HOMmega and Stereo Society: FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

Freedom Fighters has performed at all manner of world-renowned festivals from OZORA to EDC and beyond. Two years have elapsed since his last floor-shattering performance alongside Astrix at "Solstice Music presents HOMmega 20-Year Anniversary," held at Japan's own ageHa. And now... he's back. So prepare your senses for a deep, psychedelic journey to the core of your soul and enter - the Church of Trance.

Thus far, our young party has brought such names as WAIO, John 00 Fleming, Eddie Bitar, and John Askew to the shores of Japan - delivering the essence of the underground to a place where all can enjoy. And thanks to overwhelming support from all age groups and nationalities, our once humble gathering has become a thriving, vibrant force of global culture - embracing the awesome power of dance music for forward thinking.

Can partying bring about world peace? We certainly think so. Free your body, mind, and soul with us on the floor of COT.

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