Dan Shake
08.02 (Fri) | VENT, TOKYO, JAPAN

Dan Shake

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  • labelDJ KENSEI
MoodymannのMahogani Musicから鮮烈なデビューを果たし、今やHoney Dijon、The Black Madonnaまでもがプッシュする絶好調男。あのDan Shakeが帰ってくる!

Not many can claim that they cut their debut single on Moodymann's Mahogani Music and have the strong support of Honey Dijon and The Black Madonna, but Dan Shake can. That Dan Shake will be coming back to VENT!

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Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/345297546398196/

As one of the most in demand artists of recent years, UK's Dan Shake is always on the go - that's why very happy to welcome him back to VENT! Dan Shake has earned the respect of Moody Mann despite not being from Detroit. So much so that Moody Mann released Dan's debut single on his Mahogani Music label, which went on the leave a lasting impact on floors throughout the world. Come check out one of London's brightest stars, only at Omotesando VENT, on August 2nd!

London-based artist Dan Shake has done what no other has done. In 2014 he released his debut single on Mahogani Music, entitled "3AM Jazz Club", which jaunted his name from dance floor to dance floor all through the scene, and then went on to release loads of works on not only own label, Shake, but on other labels like Lumberjacks from Hell, as well. He was left in charge of Dimensions Festival's closing set, and has done back-to-back DJ sets with the likes of Jeremy Underground, Jamie 3:26, and Marcellus Pittman, to name a few. In 2018, he went on Boiler Room, which got quite a lot of attention. Not to mention he has a regular show on London's Rinse FM.

His show have been known to draw in not only Detroit fetishists, but also house music fans of all flavors. Disco, funk, and boogie tracks are masterfully mixed into an organically slick groove, all overseen with house sensibilities. Come immerse yourself in a night full of good music and good vibes - transcend the genre walls.

- Dan Shake -

DATE : 8/2 (FRI)
OPEN : 23:00
DOOR : ¥3,500 / FB discount : ¥3,000

Dan Shake
dj kensei
Atsu (B-LIB)

島 晃一 (Soul Matters / CHAMP)
Kurozumi (Soul Matters)
Jasmine (Mnchr-m)

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