Traditional Japanese Cuisine with a Chef Noriko

Traditional Japanese Cuisine with a Chef Noriko

  • date_range 10.07 (Mon) ⇨ 10.06 (Tue) / 11:00 to 13:30
  • 2 Chome-2 Yotsuya Soshin Bldg. 6F, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004, Japan

I’ll teach you how to make washoku—traditional Japanese cuisine—and together we'll cook four delicious, easy-to-make dishes.
First, we’ll prepare dashi, a simple seaweed-based stock that is the cornerstone of our country's cooking.
Using seasonal ingredients and dashi stock, we’ll make a home-style entrée, side, soup, and dessert.
I’ll explain the ingredients, share cooking tips, and provide step-by-step instruction on how to make everything with local cooking tools.
Each dish only takes about 20 minutes to create. There are plenty of complicated and time-consuming Japanese recipes,
but I want you to learn ones that you'll use back home. When we’re finished, we’ll eat the food we prepared together.

【About NORIKO】
Noriko was inspired to share her culture and cuisine after an incredible experience she had cooking and eating with a local family living in rural New Zealand, where they use a boat regularly to get around. On her return to Japan, she began offering cooking lessons in Tokyo with the sole objective of sharing authentic Japanese food and culture with the world. She specializes not only in traditional cuisine like washoku gozen, seasonal and authentic Japanese dishes but also in showcasing modern trends that Japanese housewives’ use in their everyday cooking.

・Rolled Beef with Okra
・Saikyo-yaki of Salmon
・Rolled Egg(Dashimaki-Tamago)
・Rice ball (Onigiri)

・11:00 am: Introduction of today’s recipes and preparation
・11:15 am: Demonstration and cooking lesson
・12:45 pm: Tasting party
・1:30 pm: End of class

・Lunch that we made together
・Japanese tea


・There's nothing special to prepare. Please come with casual clothes.
・You can join each class max 8people.

 We'll be in my studio and cooking school, which has all of the equipment
 we”ll need to cook incredible dishes together.



4 Chome-2-22 Kamitsurumahonch, Minami-ku,
Kanagawa-ken 252-0318,
Established: 7th January 2016
Capital JPY1,000,000-
The president & CEO: Noriko Tominaga
Director: Takashi Tominaga

【The CEO Profile】
・1969 Born in Tokyo
・1991 Graduated from Kitazato University, Bachelor of Pharmacy. Obtained a pharmacist license.
・1991 - 2014 Marketing manager for various kinds of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products at Kracie Co., Ltd. (Previously Kanebo home products Co.,
       Ltd.), L’Oreal Japan Co., Ltd., Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd.
       Besides the job careers, studied cooking at "KUSHI Macrobiotic Academy" and "International Food and Culture Association", and obtained
       the license for a trainer of food education.
・February, 2014 Held a Japanese Home Style Cooking Class for foreigners at the International Lounge in Sagamihara city.
・August, 2014 Started the "WASHO COOK" Japanese Cooking Class at her own house in Sagamiono.
・June, 2015 Opened the second classroom in Kichijoji.
・January, 2016 Incorporated WASHO COOK CO., Ltd.

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