【A half Day Trip】Asakusa walking tour
10.14 (Mon) ⇨ 10.14 (Wed) | Asakusa, TOKYO, JAPAN

【A half Day Trip】Asakusa walking tour

  • date_range 10.14 (Mon) 13:00 ⇨ 10.14 (Wed) 17:00
  • placeAsakusa

Asakusa is traiditonal fancy town.
if you are looking for Japanese traditional items as suvenior ( folding fan, Chopstick, wind bell Japanese lantern and so on), it has big shopping street, must-see spot !
Then you can see Sensouji temple, very famous big lantern at the gate of this temple. (Buddhism culture)
Please enjoy Japanese cultural experince in Tokyo. I am sure you would have unforgettable experience in this tour!